Accreditation Committee

Accreditation Committee

Composition of Accreditation committee

KENAS has an Accreditation Committee which consists of the following diverse minds:-

  • The Director of Industries (Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Cooperatives) who shall be the Chairman;
  • The Director of Standards at the Kenya Bureau of Standards;
  • The Director of Metrology at the National Metrology Institute;
  • The Chief Executive of KENAS who shall be the Secretary;
  • Not more than four persons representing conformity assessment bodies appointed by the Minister; and
  • One person representing the manufacturing and production industries appointed by the Minister.

Functions of the Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee performs the following functions:-

  •  Determines the accreditation marks or symbols and how the accreditation marks or the symbol and certificates shall be   used by registered persons and accredited bodies;
  •  Make rules to regulate its procedure and affairs to ensure independence and impartiality;
  •  Review applications for accreditation, grant renewals, suspend or cancel registration or accreditation;
  •  Hear disputes relating to registration or accreditation; and
  •  Deal with any other issue relating to accreditation.

The Accreditation Committee shall exercise its powers to cancel accreditation where:-

  • Accreditation has been obtained by fraud;
  • The accredited conformity assessment body does not comply with specified requirement or conditions for accreditation as the Accreditation Committee may prescribe;
  • The accredited body becomes insolvent;
  • The accredited conformity assessment body is declared insolvent or has had a receiving order issued against it; and
  • The accredited conformity assessment body does not pay fees prescribed by the Board when required.

Accreditation Committee

1. Ambassador Jospeh Kiplagat  – Chairperson & Representative of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives.

2. Ms. Elizabeth Lutomia Nambiro – Member

3. Mr. George Maingi  Munyao – Member

4. Mr. Liston Cheruiyot Kirui – Member

5. Mr. James Onyango Odongo – Member

6. Mr. Mohamed Abdi Sheikh – Member

7. Mr.Titus Oyoo – KEBS Representative for Standards

8. Mr. Dennis Moturi – KEBS Representative for Metrology

9. Mr. Martin Chesire – CEO KENAS

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