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World Accreditation Day 2020

World Accreditation Day 2020

The term food safety describes all practices that are used to keep our food safe. Food safety relies on all players involved in the supply of food, from farmers and producers to retailers and caterers. Accreditation improves food safety.

Standards and accreditation are referenced in the WTO TBT Agreement and play an important role in trade facilitation. The appropriate application of standards and accredited conformity assessment has the potential to resolve concerns raised on food safety to the benefit of both industrialized and developing economies.

Watch this short video on how accreditation improves food safety as we prepare to hold the annual World Accreditation Day celebrations on June 9th.


EAC PT Brochure & Announcement Documents 2020

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The Kenya Accreditation Services Act of 2019 and its Implications

The Kenya Accreditation Services Act of 2019 and its Implications

On the 14th of August 2019, His Excellency, Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, signed into law The Accreditation Services Act of 2019. The Act now properly constitutes the Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) as the sole national accreditation body mandated to offer accreditation services in Kenya, and repeals the Legal Notice No.55 of 2009 under which KENAS has been operating.

The presidential assent of the Act is a very important milestone for KENAS that crowns its 10th Anniversary and recent international recognitions by the ILAC, IAF and AFRAC. The Accreditation Services Act commences from 2nd September, 2019.


Speaking during one of the stakeholder meetings, the KENAS CEO Martin Chesire pointed out that accreditation evolves with the needs of the country and the market. The newly assented Act has come as a result of changes in expectations in terms of independence of accreditation bodies that enable operations at the same level as other peers worldwide. One of the requirements is that an accreditation body should be an independent legal statute and not just by an order or by mercy of the president as was the case when KENAS was under the Legal Notice of 2009.


The Accreditation Services Act of 2019, therefore, gives KENAS the flexibility to enhance its already existing framework to a more internationally accepted accreditation system. This is aimed at strengthening international recognition of Kenyan products and services. The signing of the Accreditation Service Act of 2019 therefore anchors KENAS fully into law.


One of the most important implications of the Act is that the Board has full authority to make rules and guidelines for making accreditation decisions. This means that KENAS, through its Board, is able to grant, renew, retain, and extend the scope of accreditation for clients as compared to previously where the responsibility lay to an independent Accreditation Committee. This flexibility gives the accreditation process a shorter timeframe due to quick decision-making procedures.


Principally, the Accreditation Service Act of 2019 allows KENAS to promote the accreditation services it offers to businesses and the general public. Kenyans need to be aware of the benefits of seeking services from accredited laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies. Customers and markets in Kenya want reassurance that materials, goods and services purchased or produced meet their expectations by complying with international and market standards. The risk factor is reduced when a customer is informed of the inspection measures, testing measures or certification measures that are applied to particular standards.


Likewise, recognized competence reduces risks of getting defective goods and services. Through the Act, KENAS is now empowered to establish and nurture relations with regional and international organizations in the field of accreditation. Moreover, KENAS will now be able to participate in the formulation and monitoring of national, regional and international accreditation guidelines and standards.












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Kenas Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The evening of 6th August 2019, was full of glamour and pomp as KENAS celebrated its 10th Anniversary and rich history of 35 years of Accreditation in the East Africa Region. The celebrations were officially unveiled by Ms Betty Maina the Principal Secretary, State Department for Industrialization at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives. Over 300 guests including accredited bodies, stakeholders, previous employees and board members and several CEO’s of State Corporations under the Ministry attended the elaborate occasion.

The activities commenced with the PS visiting the KENAS offices where she unveiled a commemorative plaque of the 10th Anniversary celebrations. Thereafter, she also unveiled a timeline of the major milestones that KENAS has achieved in the past 10 years since establishment; and the history of accreditation in East Africa for the past 35 years.

The PS paid tribute for all the work done to build and make KENAS more stable as the sole and nationally recognized accreditation body in Kenya. Speaking during the ceremony, the PS said, “We are at a critical moment in our nation where quality has been compromised by some of the conformity assessment bodies, in fact, there has been a public outcry about some of the commodities being substandard, posing various risks, among them health. The good news is that policymakers recognize the importance of accreditation in the lives of all members of our communities and are willing to work with KENAS to ensure that standards of various commodities are adhered to. Our Ministry is willing to work with KENAS to ensure that it achieves its endeavours for enhancing accreditation on international platforms hence building confidence among its end users.”

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World Accreditation Day Of 2019 Celebrated In Style

This year’s World Accreditation Day celebrations took an interesting turn at Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) as the celebrations were geared towards creating an understanding of the theme with the purpose of serving our clients better. The event was held at KENAS offices and was presided over by Mr. Martin Chesire, the KENAS CEO.
This year’s theme focused on the added value of accreditation to supply chains. There were a number of practical activities to demonstrate the importance of accreditation in supply chains in the Kenyan industry. These activities involved group activities where each group was to creatively dramatize on current situations that involve the chain of supply of goods and services and how the quality affects the consumer.

The first group role-played flight passengers who had consumed poisoned food while boarding a flight which had dire consequences on their health. Thereafter, staff were expected to discuss what areas that accreditation would have added value in promoting safe supply of goods and services to the general public and avoid health complications.
A second group role-played gated community homeowners who had faulty electricity meters that were overcharging them on their monthly electricity bills thus they were receiving outrageous bills. The aim of this dramatization was to communicate the crucial part that accreditation plays to avoid poor quality products and services that are costly to the consumers at the end of the channel.

The third group role-played parents and their children attending a playground fun day. Some of the playground equipment had not been inspected, accredited and certified. This proved tragic as one broke down in motion seriously injuring a number of children.
At the end of the day, KENAS staff members were able to grasp much of the day’s theme in a fun and practical way. The day culminated to a successful cake cutting ceremony, some dancing, and interactive photo sessions.