Benefits of Accreditation – KENAS

Benefits of Accreditation – KENAS

KENAS is an associate member to ILAC Arrangements based on mutual evaluation and acceptance of other MRA Partner laboratory accreditation systems. Such international arrangements facilitate acceptance of test / calibration results between countries to which MRA partners represent.

This developing system of international mutual recognition agreements between accreditation bodies has enabled accredited conformity assessment bodies to achieve a form of international recognition, and has allowed test data accompanying exported goods to be readily accepted on overseas markets among the countries which have already qualified as significant to ILAC Arrangements.

This effectively reduces costs for both the exporters and the importers, as it reduces or eliminates the need for products to be re-tested in another country.

  • A benefit of accreditation is that your laboratory or organisation will gain international Benefits of Accrecognition for its commitment to quality, competency and reliable results.
  • In addition, accreditation will signify that you comply with an internationally recognized standard, thus easing the global exchange of valuable information.
  • Accreditation is an objective way to assure your customers that you have demonstrated technical competence to provide reliable and accurate results.
  • Accreditation is objective because an independent, third party accreditation body performs annual assessments to verify whether your system is meeting all of the requirements of an International Standard. This independent evaluation is important to the customer, because it is an unbiased guarantee that your laboratory/organisation is performing at its highest level.
  • Accreditation will set your laboratory/organisation apart from your competitors. International Standards are an ideal management system model for laboratories/organizations because it aims to control quality costs, improve measurement accuracy and guarantee consistency of results.
  • Accreditation is customer-driven especially when implemented correctly. The elements of International Standards work meticulously together to ensure that required quality levels are met and that customers’ needs are satisfied. This can be a powerful strategic tool.
  • Any company/ laboratory achieving accreditation to International Standards, is presented with a certificate of accreditation. This certificate can be used in advertising, promotional literature and stationary to show current and potential customers that your laboratory/organisation is committed to quality and has demonstrated technical competency to perform services.
  • In view of the above, accreditation to International Standards can be a valuable tool. By becoming accredited, you can look forward to an efficient management system, improved services, fewer customer complaints and a strong competitive edge.

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