Benefits of Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation

KENAS is the sole and recognized accreditation body in Kenya. As an accreditation body, this demonstrates a strong commitment to fully provide a global service allowing for enhanced trade for Kenyan goods.

The accreditation services that KENAS offers hold a number of benefits for example:

Reducing risks

All over the world markets and customers want reassurance that materials, goods and services purchased or produced meet their expectations by complying with international and market standards. For a manufacturer that means materials have to be inspected or tested to a particular standard. Therefore it is imperative for them to choose an accredited inspection or testing provider(s). Recognized competence reduces risks of getting defective materials

Eliminates costs for double inspection or testing

Inspection or testing costs are often costly and time-consuming, may result in likely recall or non-acceptance of certain material requiring reshipping or legal action. Accreditation assures and minimizes the risks of repeat inspection or tests.

Improved international recognition

Accredited once accepted everywhere. Accreditation provides a framework for mutual recognition worldwide with over 105 countries, Kenya amongst them. Products and services tested, inspected or certified once can be accepted everywhere with equal confidence.

Therefore by using accredited services in Kenya, it means there would be no need for a new test or re-inspection at the importing country or export destination.

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