Benefits of Inspection Accreditation

Benefits of Inspection Accreditation

1. Minimize risk

Throughout the world today, businesses and customers seek reassurance that the products, materials or services they produce or purchase meet their expectations or conform to specific requirements. This often means that the items are inspected to determine their characteristics against a standard or a specification. For the manufacturer or supplier, choosing a technically competent inspection body minimizes the risk of producing or supplying a faulty product.

2. Avoid expensive re-inspection

Inspecting products and materials can be expensive and time consuming. If the quality of the inspection is poor, the consequences can be expensive; as well as the need for re-inspection, if a product has failed to meet specifications or customer expectations, it may lead to product recalls, rework, litigation and reimbursement.  If re-inspection is required, it is invariably damaging to the reputation of the supplier or manufacturer too.  Choosing a technically competent inspection body minimizes the chance of additional inspection being required.

3. Enhance your customers’ confidence

Confidence in a product is enhanced if clients know it has been thoroughly evaluated by an independent, competent inspection body.  This is particularly so if a product supplier can demonstrate to their customers that the inspection body itself has been evaluated by a third party. Increasingly customers are relying on independent inspection evidence, rather than simply accepting a supplier’s word that the product is “fit for purpose”.

4. Reduce costs and improve acceptance of goods internationally

Through the KENAS Inspection accreditation, technically competent, accredited inspection bodies receive international recognition, which allows their inspection reports to be more readily accepted in other economies. This recognition helps to reduce costs for manufacturers and exporters by reducing or eliminating the need for additional inspection in the importing economy

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