Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies

What is Accreditation of a Certification Body (CB)?

A Certification Body is an independent and impartial organization possessing the necessary competence to carry out the certification of the following: management systems, products, processes, services or personnel.

The Certification Pillar in KENAS offers accreditation to all types of Certification bodies. KENAS assesses and accredits Certification Bodies (CBs) that demonstrate competence to audit and certify organizations conforming to management systems products, processes, services or personnel standards.

Accreditation by a recognized and respected body such as KENAS ensures the impartiality and competence of the CB and fosters confidence and acceptance of the CB’s certifications by end-users in the public and private sectors.

Accreditation is the independent evaluation of certification bodies against International Standards e.g. ISO/IEC 17021 to ensure their impartiality, competence, and consistency. Accreditation is based on the assessment visits to the certification body to evaluate how their functions are performed in practice and, also includes KENAS witnessing the certification body performing audits.

We now are transitioning to ISO 17021-1. Click here to access the transition document.

KENAS offers certification bodies’ accreditation to the international standards ( ISO )listed below

ISO/IEC 17021 “Conformity assessment – requirements for bodies auditing and certification of management systems”.
ISO/IEC 17024 “Conformity assessment General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons”
ISO/IEC 17065 “General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems”

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