Register of Providers

Register of Providers

Accredited Proficiency Testing Providers

Accreditation bodies use Proficiency Testing- PT (external quality assurance) programs as part of their procedures to evaluate the capabilities of the laboratories to perform tests at a highly professional level (particularly for the tests which have been accredited).

Standards ISO 15189 and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for participation in an appropriate proficiency test, when this is available.

Preferable suppliers for PT schemes are those accredited according to ISO /IEC 17043. If there are no suppliers accredited to ISO/ IEC 17043, it is preferable to use those declaring that they implement the rules of ISO/IEC 17043.
For your convenience, please find a reference to the list of suppliers:

  • See link to EPTIS, including a database of hundreds of PT schemes operated in Africa, Europe, USA & Australia.
  • In addition please find the following partial lists of suppliers. Those lists provide no recognition for the PT suppliers.

For your information, this list is incomplete as several other suppliers for proficiency testing scheme are available.

If you are unable to find a relevant program from the list, contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Links to Other credible schemes include:

Name of organization Site/ Email address Field
 The Physicians proficiency testing program (AAFPPT) Medical
 American Industrial Hygiene association(AIHA) Metals, silica, asbestos, solvents, passive monitor badges
 American Proficiency Institute(API) Food microbiology, Food chemistry
Aquacheck Ltd         E-Mail: Water, Aggregate, Soil
Analytical Standards Incorporated(ASI) www.marietta.edU Waste water chemical testing
ATILH Cement
Cell mark diagnostics Forensic DNA analysis
Clinical chemistry & hematology Wadsworth center Medical
CMPT Clinical microbiology
CTS Forensic, Color & appearance, Container board, Paper &paper board, Plastics, Fasteners & metals, Rubber, Wine
EPTIS Food & feed microbiology, chemistry, microscopy, Water microbiology, Aflatoxin , Drugs of abuse in hair
Drugs of abuse, pharmaceutical analysis and dissolution
FAPAS Food chemical & microbiological, Genetic modified food, Water & environmental, Pesticides
HSL Asbestos & fiber, Occupational hygiene, Environmental chemical analysis
HUQAS Medical
IANZ Chemical, Mechanical, Chemical mechanical, Microbiological, Dairy, Medical, Veterinary, Forensic,
IfEP Metallography
The Institute for Interlaboratory Studies (IIS) Petroleum, Petrochemical Products, Consumer Products, Edible oil and Fats and Specialties (eg. catalyst, rubber)
Institute for laboratory study Chemicals
Labquality Medical
Laboratory Envionmental Analysis Proficiency Scheme (LEAP) Effluent, waste water, contaminated land and hazardous waste
Microcheck Microbiology
NAPT Metrology
NATA Chemical, Water chemical, Water biological, Road lanterns, Cement chemical, Asbestos chemical, Geochemical, Asphalt, Residues in food, Radiography NDT, Nuclear gauge
Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (NYELAP Ny) Asbestos, water chemical, Water bacteriology
Osterreichisches Forschungsinstitut fur Chemie und Technik (OFI) Plastics, Rubber and products made of platics
PHLS Food microbiology
Veterinary Laboratory Quality Assessment (QAU) Clinical chemistry, Bacteriology, Haematology, Brucella Serology, Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis, Enzootic Bovine Leucosis E. Coli 0157
Quality Associates International Coal, Metallurgical coke
SEOPF Histocompatability
UK NEQAS Medical
US Geology survay Water chemistry
 Resource Technology Corporation (RTC) Water chemical testing, Soils
WSLH PT Medical, Water microbiogy, Water potable & non potable

Inter-laboratory Comparisons

Inter-laboratory comparison is an alternative means of checking for a laboratory’s competence where specific PT schemes don’t exist.

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