World Accreditation Day Of 2019 Celebrated In Style

This year’s World Accreditation Day celebrations took an interesting turn at Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) as the celebrations were geared towards creating an understanding of the theme with the purpose of serving our clients better. The event was held at KENAS offices and was presided over by Mr. Martin Chesire, the KENAS CEO.
This year’s theme focused on the added value of accreditation to supply chains. There were a number of practical activities to demonstrate the importance of accreditation in supply chains in the Kenyan industry. These activities involved group activities where each group was to creatively dramatize on current situations that involve the chain of supply of goods and services and how the quality affects the consumer.

The first group role-played flight passengers who had consumed poisoned food while boarding a flight which had dire consequences on their health. Thereafter, staff were expected to discuss what areas that accreditation would have added value in promoting safe supply of goods and services to the general public and avoid health complications.
A second group role-played gated community homeowners who had faulty electricity meters that were overcharging them on their monthly electricity bills thus they were receiving outrageous bills. The aim of this dramatization was to communicate the crucial part that accreditation plays to avoid poor quality products and services that are costly to the consumers at the end of the channel.

The third group role-played parents and their children attending a playground fun day. Some of the playground equipment had not been inspected, accredited and certified. This proved tragic as one broke down in motion seriously injuring a number of children.
At the end of the day, KENAS staff members were able to grasp much of the day’s theme in a fun and practical way. The day culminated to a successful cake cutting ceremony, some dancing, and interactive photo sessions.